3-pound bag

$140.00 Weight: 1362 Grams
Length: 22 cm
Width: 14 cm
Height: 5 cm

This material will contain 2 Grams, guaranteed, of real placer Gold. Both size bags contain black sands (Magnetite) however this 3 Pounder may contain larger size nuggets. This material is recommended not only as a panning concentrate but also as a calibrating material for testing your dry washer or high-banker. Again, it is advised that you try re-circulating the spoils to capture all the guaranteed Gold, and to allow you to repeat the process as often as you want. *NOTE I add some crushed Chalcopyrite to the mix to make it more interesting. This Chalcopyrite is yellow colored like Gold BUT it is much lighter and will separate when panned. It also crushes to a black powder, where real Gold wont crush only flatten.


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Sorry --due to the rapid increases in the Gold price and my small profit margins I cannot do the FREE SHIPPING over $200.00