Silver Specimen 4976Cbt

$80.00 Weight: 30 Grams
Length: 6.8 cm
Width: 3 cm
Height: 1 cm


Cobalt M.D.
Ontario, Canada

SILVER in Conglomerate!!!!   

Crystalline, dendritic Silver specimen from the historic, Cobalt, Ontario, Canadian mines.  This 1 cm. thick slab has been cut with a diamond saw, with one polished, and one rough. Native Silver is hosted in a pebble- conglomerate matrix.  Unique, dendritic Silver exhibits brilliant silver metallic luster. Individual Silver crystals are surrounded by another Silver mineral, or perhaps Cobalt.  This specimen comes from the old, 1900s historic Castle Mine, mine dump.   Massive Native Silver was discovered in veins in Pre-Cambrian Greenstones in Cobalt, Ontario in 1903 and hundreds of mines were eventually exploiting the metal. By 1915 the mines were essentially exhausted. Some minor mining occurred later.  Native Silver was found in several important American mining districts historically. Virginia City, Tonopah, Austin, and Rochester were the most productive Nevada mines. Mexico produced huge amounts as did several South American countries. Today a few of these American mines are still producing Silver...but not Native Silver. Moreover, only a few foreign countries still produce Silver and it's very difficult to obtain any Native specimens today. Weighs  .96  OZ.