3-pound bag

$175.00 Weight: 1362 Grams
Length: 22 cm
Width: 14 cm
Height: 5 cm

This material will contain 2 Grams, guaranteed, of real placer Gold. Both size bags contain black sands (Magnetite) however this 3 Pounder may contain larger size nuggets. This material is recommended not only as a panning concentrate but also as a calibrating material for testing your dry washer or high-banker. Again, it is advised that you try re-circulating the spoils to capture all the guaranteed Gold, and to allow you to repeat the process as often as you want.

Shipping and handling $10.00 Foreign orders subject to actual shipping costs.

Sorry --due to the rapid increases in the Gold price, my small profit margin, and high shipping costs I cannot do the FREE SHIPPING over $200.00