Specimen Gold 4052SR

$425.00 Weight: 40 Grams
Length: 7.5 cm
Width: 5.5 cm
Height: 0.3 cm


Mountain Ranch
Calaveras Co. CA


Beautiful diamond-sawn slab showing deep, orangish, crystalline Gold in a dark, patchy, smoky gray Quartz. Pretty RARE STUFF!! This slab will provide numerous cabochons for any potential jewelry makers.  The Sheep Ranch Mine was discovered in 1867. It was found as a surface exposure of a high-grade Gold bearing, dark, smoky gray Quartz vein from 8 to 20 inches thick. The ore was often so rich in free Gold as to yield superb specimens. The Gold mineralization in the black, to blue black, smoky Quartz is today highly valued by collectors. Sulfides accounted for less than 0.5%.  One of the principal reasons for the mines closure in 1922 was an estimate of 50% of the Gold was lost to high-grading. Numerous owner/operators mined the deposit, until it was finally closed in 1942. It had the distinction of being the largest, and deepest mine in the East Gold Belt of the Mother Lode.