Specimen Gold 3445CH

$200.00 Weight: 3.58 Grams
Length: 2 cm
Width: 1.4 cm
Height: 0.7 cm


Carson Hill
Calaveras Co. CA

MOTHER LODE!!!  Specimen Gold from the famous Carson Hill Mines, Calaveras County, California.  Lode Gold was discovered in 1850 where extremely rich Gold ore was blasted from near surface Quartz veins ..principally from the Morgan mine. The early miners then simply picked up the rich Gold fragments.  Open pit mining from the 1980s to 1991 attempted to mine the deposit by consolidating the various deposits. These early specimens contained rich Telluride minerals with the Gold-- principally Hessite and Petzite.  Later attempts were made, to crush the waste dumps and market the material to the California Department of Highways (CALTRAN).  Nugget traps were installed on the gravel sorting circuits and these specimens were  recovered as a result.   Gold shows bright, reflective luster, and a brassy-yellow color. There is approximately 50% feldspar/Quartz matrix (albite?)