Specimen Gold 3356TM

$175.00 Weight: 13.2 Grams
Length: 4 cm
Width: 2.5 cm
Height: 1.2 cm


Ten Mile
Humboldt Co. NV

Intricate and exquisite crystallized Gold. Beautiful, complexly crystallized leaf Gold, many leaves crystallizing into individual branching wires and stalks that are capped by weakly developed octohedrons on the terminations. Trace trigons on few leaves. Brilliant luster, nice rich deep buttery-yellow color. Entire specimen was originally covered, and coated with concretionary FeOxs and MnOxs. There still is approx. 5% coating remaining.  Strong Adularia and minor Quartz matrix.  A specific gravity test determined approximately 61 grains (4 Grams) Gold in specimen.  A unique and scarce specimen. Found underground in the 1930s in an obscure, old, historic, Nevada Gold camp. Weighs .42 oz.