Specimen Gold 3048NTL

Specimen Gold 3048Ntl
Specimen Gold 3048Ntl3048Ntl-B
$450.00 Weight: 19.3 Grams
Length: 2.4 cm
Width: 2 cm
Height: 2 cm



A  hefty, RICH, crystalline Gold specimen from the National Mine. Technically this is Electrum, a natural alloy consisting of 50% Gold, and 50% Silver. Gold occurs as abundant leaves, blebs,  and rods. Gold shows as both bronzey color, and very bright silvery color with brite luster.  Specimen has been treated with mineral oil to enhance the contrast with the Electrum and the matrix.  To remove use hot water, or plain rubbing alcohol. A special specific gravity determination for electrum indicates 12.5 Grams of Gold, and 7 Grams Silver. Total weight is .62 ounce.    This is a famous old, rich, historic, Nevada mining camp.