Specimen Gold 2803CN

Specimen Gold 2803CN
Specimen Gold 2803CN2803CN_B2803CN_C
$800.00 Weight: 9.42 Grams
Length: 2.5 cm
Width: 1.3 cm
Height: 1.1 cm


Liang Shan-Muli
Sichuan Province, China

CHINESE GOLD!!!!! Beautiful crystalline specimen exhibiting brilliant, lively luster and a rich orangish color. Pseudo-crystal faces probably from Quartz crystals intergrown with the Gold, these faces show brilliant mirror-like surfaces, some appear as thin Gold leaf. Sparse Octoheadral crystal development observed. Somewhat more Hackly appearance. Small trace of Quartz matrix remains as well as  small % Petzite.  I obtained these specimens at an International Gem and Mineral Exhibition in Changsha China in May, 2014.  These were the ONLY Chinese Gold specimens in the entire show. Seems the Chinese Government does not allow miners to sell to anyone other than the Government owned and controlled refiners. (That is my interpretation) I am sorry they are sooo expensive...but I had to pay dearly to get them myself. Only through my Chinese wifes wonderful negotiating skills was I able to obtain these pieces. I dont know very much geologic detail about the deposit.