Specimen Gold 2276KH

Specimen Gold 2276KH
Specimen Gold 2276KHSpecimen Gold 2276B_KHSpecimen Gold 2276C_KHSpecimen Gold 2276D_KH
$1,000.00 Weight: 6.14 Grams
Length: 2.6 cm
Width: 1.7 cm
Height: 1.2 cm



Krum Hills

EXQUISITE !!!!!  Crystallized Leaf Gold from the Krum Hills. Specimen is a complex of leaves showing strong TRIGONS. Numerous octaheron crystals present on leaves, and on edges of leaves. Piece is MUSEUM QUALITY. Gold shows brilliant luster and an orange color. Trace of iron oxide Matrix and rare trace Quartz remains. Weighs .20 ounce.