Gold Nugget 2679Aust

Gold Nugget 2679Aust
Gold Nugget 2679Aust2679Aust_B
$300.00 Weight: 5.5 Grams
Length: 1.6 cm
Width: 1.4 cm
Height: 0.7 cm


Western Australia

Ironstone and Gold!! This is a typical Gold nugget found in the "Salt and Pepper" placer fields of the Kalgoorlie region of Western Australia. Gold originates with Magnetite and Quartz, and later the Magnetite oxidizes and Hematite is the alteration product. The placer areas are colored a deep red color  from this alteration.  Most of this Gold is Pre-Cambrian in age.  The ironstone is the reason the MineLab company invented the MineLab PI series of metal detectors. Gold is well worn and occurs with Hematite stained Quartz. Weighs .18 Ounce