Specimen Gold 2457Shosh

Specimen Gold 2457Shosh
Specimen Gold 2457Shosh2457B_Shosh
$85.00 Weight: 18.6 Grams
Length: 3 cm
Width: 2.5 cm
Height: 2 cm


Shoshone Range

A Crystallized Gold specimen from the Shoshone Range. Orange hued, and brightly lustered Gold occurs as interconnected, leaves, blades, and elongate ribbons in Quartz. Typical of these specimens, the Gold is shaped by the growth around small dense Quartz crystals, and oxidized Sulfides. When the Quartz is etched away a honey comb-like pattern emerges.  Specimen has been treated with Mineral Oil to enhance the Gold..if desired it can be removed by soaking in alcohol.  Total weight is .6 ounces.     A specific gravity determination found 19.5 grains of contained Gold.