Specimen 4681NTL

$175.00 Weight: 51 Grams
Length: 4 cm
Width: 3 cm
Height: 2 cm



National M.D.
Humboldt Co. NV

Crystalline Electrum cabinet specimen from the National Mine.  Gold occurs as abundant ribbons, blebs, and leaves, "floating" in a chalcedonic Quartz. Occasional minute Quartz crystals are observed in vugs. This specimen shows intricate crystallized forms. Gold shows both bronze and bright silver colors.  Electrum is a natural alloy consisting of 50% Gold, and 50% Silver. Specimen has been treated with mineral oil to enhance the contrast with the Electrum and the matrix. This is a famous old, historic, Nevada mining camp. This was probably mined around 1900s. From an old collection.