Gold Nugget 3984YK

$320.00 Weight: 4.7 Grams
Length: 2.3 cm
Width: 1.3 cm
Height: 0.7 cm


Mayo Area
Yukon Territory, Canada

A specimen-like alluvial Gold nugget from the Mayo area, Yukon. Gold was discovered in the Yukon country during the Gold rush of 1896-98.  The Yukon Territory has been glaciated at least  four times yet, much of central Yukon escaped the effects of the last Pleistocene ice age. The Mayo area is located in the glaciated portion of the southern Yukon where the ice sheets scoured the area. This is a curious specimen of Alluvial Gold from the Mayo area mining district, Canada.  Gold exhibits brilliant luster and a lemmony yellow color. Very crystalline in character. No Quartz matrix remains.      

Weighs .15 oz.