Specimen Silver 4330CO

$30.00 Weight: 18 Grams
Length: 4.5 cm
Width: 2.5 cm



Cobalt, Ontario, Canada

NATIVE SILVER!!!!!     Crystalline Silver Slab specimen from the historic, Cobalt, Ontario, Canadian mines. Specimen exhibits bright silver metallic luster. Dolomite is the matrix.

This specimen comes from an old 1900s mine dump.  Massive Native Silver was discovered  in veins in Pre-Cambrian Greenstones in Cobalt Ontario in 1903 and hundreds of mines were eventually exploiting the metal. By the 1920s the mines were essentially exhausted. Some minor mining occurred later.  Over 600 million ounces were produced from this area. Today only a few countries have historically produced Native Silver and its very difficult to obtain today.