Silver Specimen 4973Mrco

$125.00 Weight: 11.1 Grams
Length: 6 cm
Width: 2.5 cm
Height: 1 cm


Bou Azzer District
Morocco, Africa

CRYSTALLIZED SILVER, and DYSCRASITE!!!!!!  A stunning, small specimen of the rare, inter-grown, complex, and unique Silver-Antimony minerals named Dyscrasite, with Native Silver.  These crystals are intricate and well formed in a splendid arborescent (branching) habit. Exhibits gleaming luster and a fine silvery-grey color. Silver also shows blades, and leaves. There is another dark gray crystallized mineral present??  (Acanthite?) (Allargentum?)  These Silver minerals are complex and difficult to identify. The matrix is Calcite. Found in the Bouisma mine, Morocco, Africa.